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Smoke Oils
(The Better the Smoke, the Better the Show!)


Pure White Smoke Oil
Texaco/Chevron Canopus 13 or 19
Aeroshell Smoke Oil
Texaco Corvis 13

Exxon Telura 613
Shell Carnea 10 or 22
Shell / Exxon Carnea E-15 (10 weight)
Shell Vitrea 13 or 22
Super-Dri Smoke Oil

American Rayco 460
BP - Enerpar 20 (viscosity rating of 10)
Citgo Sentry 15
Conoco / Phillips "Industrial Oil #10, #15 and #115" (10 weight)
Conoco / Phillips 80N and 70N
Meadows Concrete Form Oil (oil base), (stinks but it works)

Unocal 76 - 76 Klondyke

Absolutely NO TURBIN OILS!!!!
We will not fly with, nor recommend turbin oils!
Turbin oils are toxic when burned!
Tubin oils have been known to burn your eyes and can make you extremely sick.
We know from experience.