Cub "Franklinstein"

For the most part this is a stock PA-18A Super Cub. The plane has been lightened about 25 pounds and the engine has gone from 150hp to 181hp. The engine is still the original O-320 but with higher compression pistons, a Leading Edge Exhaust System which added another 13hp by itself, and few other small modifications. The engine now has 181hp.

The Super Cub has been a longtime favorite of Franklin’s Flying Circus. This is the fifth Super Cub FFC has owned over the years. Built in 1956, it was bought in 1993 by FFC for airshowing and training purposes. The Super Cub and J-3 Cub have been essential aircraft in many FFC acts including the first motorcycle-to-airplane transfer, truck-to-airplane transfers, comedies, duel comedies, and the flaming fire-wall crash. This Cub is also the same airplane Kyle soloed in.


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