DRACULA: The Rise of Vacul

In the dark days of ages past, like-minded men of evil genius gathered to bring to this earth a creature.  From the mists emerges an apparition never beheld by mortals – a creature whose power and strength will strike terror in the living hearts of all who behold it.  From the depths of mad genius – from both sides of mortality – arising from a heap of forsaken souls - behold the creature Dracula!  

Watch closely as the creature rises from the earth – like the bats who transformed into beasts, no longer afraid of daytime skies, Dracula ascends into the heavens that rejected his soul.  Commanded by his great master Vacul, the creature claws his way skyward – the engine roaring like the furnaces of hell, the propeller screaming like a wild beast – always climbing higher and higher to seek out and destroy weaker prey.

Photos by Larry Raulston

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